Picking Mushrooms – Painting Process

This picture shows a small watercolor painting for children, scanned and additionally overworked on the computer. It shows the dwarven girl and her friends fox and bear picking mushrooms. I am currently painting a calendar for children and this picture is for September. You can also see some pictures of my painting process.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Three Friends Fishing – Painting Process

Today I finally finished a new picture. Because of the drying times it always takes a bit longer when painting with watercolors. So here is my next summer picture: Three friends fishing.

If you click through the pictures, you can see my painting process. This way you can also see what I add on the computer after scanning it . In this case I have – as almost always – adapted the colors and then exceptionally added a little sun.

Have a wonderful week!

Summer – Painting Process

Hello to everyone who might be reading this sometime. The last few days I have been working on a small watercolor illustration for children. If you are interested in my painting process, you have come to the right place, because that’s what this post is about.

I usually start my pictures with a pencil sketch. I then transfer it to the watercolor paper, and start coloring. I always start with the background. Beside brush and color I also use a small sponge or my water spray, because I don’t want it to look too smooth. Bumps, stains, and a few edges here and there make everything more interesting and bring out the character of watercolors beautifully, I think.

When the background has dried, it goes on with the background objects, and then (after drying) with the figures in the foreground. The drying breaks are important, if you don’t want the whole picture to look blurred. Unfortunately, this is why I usually need several days for a picture.

Finally, everything gets scanned and re-edited on the computer to get some “special features”.

I hope you have fun seeing my painting process!